random thaughts

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I started to teach my class this week, and i think that over all it will go very well. Though I have a large aount of special education students, who cant pay attention. But i think that we will get somewhere with it. I have a lot of good kids who are very serious about training, so it will be good.

I feel exceptionaly happy today, to spie the fact that I am broke, i have lots of bills, and work makes me horibly tired.BUt today i feel good. I have also decided not to post any more poetry until i get some feedback on the first stuff. I know that not to mny people read this crap, but those of you that do could at least email me and sy "that great where didi it come from" or "that sucked, get rid of it". Just someting.

Even though i feel very good today, i still miss my girl. She has been away for such a long time. And i miss her.I am so lonely . I come home and i am here al by my self with all of our stuff, and i look around and just want to be with her. But i know she is still gone and will be for a long time. I am just so damn lonely, it sucks.I just wish everyday that i did not live here by my self. I dred coming home to the empty house. It makes me want to cry.I wish i was rich i would just pick up and go visit her every chance i get, but it is imposable.To far. No money. SO i just sit here, all lonely and sad.

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