random thaughts

Monday, September 22, 2003

Well, The long involved conversation I was expecting to have Lasted 10 Min. So I dont know anymore.

But I went to a great concert this weekend. I went to see REM. They freeking rocked. It was one of the most fun things i havve done in a long time. I was so close that i could have spit on any member of the band. I was so cool.

I had a rough day in my class today. I had several students who wanted to just mess around and not listen. I feel very bad for the students who were doing very well and Listening. What do You do in a situation like that. I know i have to deal with them differently than I do when i am in the class room. I dont want to be to strict with them, but I also want to teach. But i definatly had issues today. Maybe tomarrow will be better.

What did yall think of the last poem i added? I liked it.

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