random thaughts

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

They say you never forget your first love.
But are you supposed to think of them everyday?
Anger, the want to hit something, multiple times. Frustration, Not knowing why I want to do this
annoyances of not knowing what to do about it.
How do you deal with that??
Get away from everything and everyone. Find out what the problems stem from and take a break from it.
So that is what I am doing. Taking a vacation from the anxiety of life. Relaxation and rest.

more Poetic thoughts

The look in her eyes,
The way the lights sparkled in them.
The feel of her body,
The soft curve of her hips
The touch of her skin,
the milky smoothness of her hands and cheeks
The smell of her hair,
The memories of that song,
The beating of our heats,
In that moment the whole world stood still,
There was no one in the universe accept for us,
Everything was right

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