random thaughts

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

i lay in bed and sleep, i go to work, i come home i lay in bed and sleep. I have cut myself off forom most things i do or know. I have no energy, or want to do anything anymore. I have no excitment. I am always tired, and unhappy. I just dont want to deal with anyone. I screen phone calls so i dont have to talk to her till i want to. I have shut my self off i tink. I am feeling that there is just nothen left iwant to do. I dont want to go to work, i dont want to be sick, i dont want to train.
A friend asked me the otherday why i love my fiance? I dont know!
There should be a reason, but i cant find one.
i used to love going out and doing things with people, big groups, social settings, but now i dont.what has happend to the old me that i liked? Where did he go?

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