random thaughts

Monday, May 31, 2004

Why is it so hard to just get up the nerve to tell her exactly how I feel, and exactly what I want. It is not like we are in a new relationship, and I am afraid that I will mess things up! I have already done all the messing up I can do, this is just to make it all final, and to stop the mistakes. I just cant do it, it suck!!!! I feel so useless when I think about how long this has been going on, and it just needs to stop!!


When I look at her, and our eyes meet
I get lost, overwhelmed and am forced to look away
When she looks at me I am drawn into her eyes
She envelopes me, and knows everything that I am feeling
She sees all the feelings I already have for her, and the ones that are now being created
See can see my dreams
that's why I look away, so she doesn't see them
Fear of what she would say or think if she knew
I know no matter what thoughts or feelings I have for her
I am not what she needs, or wants
So I look away, and the feelings go untold
I just continue with life as it is
I have hope!

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